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Refugees have so much to give to their host societies if only they are helped to do so, El Nula, Venezuela (Peter Balleis SJ/JRS)
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JRS Cambodia Volunteers

Making a difference in the lives of Landmine/Cluster Munition Victims.

To celebrate our journey with refugees and others, JRS Cambodia has published its history, beautifully compled by Tess O'Brien. It is available from JRS Cambodia and online at WWW.JRSCAMBODIA.ORG
A refugee party on 24 June, current refugees and asylum seekers will be presented with a copy.

Two JRS Lawyers Nikola Errington and Taya Hunt written the search, a book which raise the issues surrounding Protection Space for asylum seekers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. Read more...

International: G20 summit, an opportunity for world leaders to put refugee hospitality at the heart of globalisation
World Refugee Day press release
Rome, 18 June 2012 - Over the next two days, the leaders of the G20 nations will make difficult decisions regarding the stability of the global economy. In conmemoration of World Refugee Day, 20 June, the Jesuit Refugee Service urges world leaders to place social cohesion at the core of their decision-making process, and not lose sight of the needs of more than 45 million forcibly-displaced migrants worldwide. Read More >>>

Volunteers in JRS Cambodia include Maddie Gleeson (Australia), Kafia Yusuf (Canada), Joe Van Troost (Canada), Patrick Rodgers (Australia), Nikola Errington, is our lawyer and Denise Coghlan is our director.

Our Survivor Metta Karuna Team has initiated a survey of at least 240 villages to teach village leaders about Disability Rights, to accompany survivors and listen to/assist the life situation and to invite them to assess their own Quality of Life.